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We specialise in building, servicing & repairing road, gravel & time-trial  bikes. Contact us in advance to make a booking.

Please ensure your bike is clean when dropped off to avoid a cleaning charge.

** We are an Authorised Shimano Service Centre – get in touch if you’d like us to carry out a crankset inspection on your bike/s following the recent Shimano Safety Recall**

Safety Check - £65 + Replacement Parts

Safety Check

  • Headset checked for play and adjusted as necessary.
  • Chain degreased & checked for wear.
  • Brake pads balanced & checked for wear.
  • Torque settings checked & set.
  • Gears and limits checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Wheels checked for true, rims & spokes cleaned and checked for damage.
  • Tyres cleaned, inspected & inflated.

All replacement parts charged separately.

Full Service - £160 + Replacement Parts

Full service – recommended annually

  • All components removed from the frame and individually cleaned, checked, adjusted, refitted and replaced where necessary

All replacement parts charged separately.

Strip & Rebuild - £250 + new cabling and any parts required

Bike stripped down to bare frame including cabling, all components checked/cleaned & refitted or replaced where necessary.

All replacement parts charged separately.

Cleaning Charge - £varies

A cleaning charge will be applied if the bike is excessively dirty or a deep clean is needed prior to being serviced, only bike friendly wash, polish, degreasers, fiber grip, ant-seize and lubricants are used.

Other services - Hourly Rate £60

Sometimes you only need a tweak or a specific job doing on your bike. All our workshop services are charged at our hourly rate, minimum charge of half an hour.

Additional service include but not limited to:

Gear alignment
Di2 diagnostic/update
Headset service
BB service
Brake re-alignment
Replacing components
Wheel true


Cycle to Work Schemes –

Save 25-39% on a new bike for work

Tax is complicated; the cycle to work scheme is not. You choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time, then wind its value down to a negligible amount. It’s like a year-round sale, with interest.

We accept vouchers from the Green Commute Initiative which is a Social Enterprise with a vision to get commuters out of cars and onto any kind of bike. We support the scheme here, just call us on 01832 273783.

Read more about the Green Commute Initiative here.

We also accept vouchers from